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Inclusive Sxsterhood

Brave Sis Project is a social & wellness brand building an inclusive sisterhood. It’s for BIPOC women wishing to better know & celebrate ourselves and each other & for white women seeking to move beyond performative allyship. ❤️ Our Journey-Journal is a unique & beautiful dayplanner/guided journal featuring 100s of inspirational Black, Brown, AAPI & Indigenous women in American history for your discovery, inspiration & growth. Meet & celebrate them year-round on our social feeds. Welcome!


It Came In a Dream...

In 2019, I wished to commit to deeper self-accountability & better organization. The planners on the market were problematic! Too white & cutesy, or the pushy “man” planners, low-key toxic. The “Black girl” planners were flimsy, with their lavish "you go, girl" covers, yet generic, every-page-the-same insides.

As the saying goes, if you don't see what you want, make it yourself.

On Christmas Day, 2019, I was visited by a foremother force saying, “Tell my story.” I bolted out of bed, thinking about my own grandmother and all the things I would have asked her if she were still alive.

Within a few weeks, I had collected profiles of many inspiring Black and other Women of Color in U.S. history. Our intersecting stories felt very resonant, and so necessary to uplift, know, and celebrate!


What is a Brave Sis?

A Black Woman using history to better know & love herself—& other Women of Color. 

A Woman of Color embracing story & intercultural joy.

A white woman entering a circle of learning, de-centering & celebration.

Women & Womxn who dare to be brave.

Us changing ourselves & the world.

Summer, 2020

It manifested as a journal like no other.

In the midst of a pandemic year, we launched a 300% successful Kickstarter and sent our 2021 Journey-Journal to production.

Winter 2020-21

It became beloved.

From our first pressing, the Journey-Journal found its way into a community of thousands of Brave Sisses all over the world, encouraged by the idea of inner reflection, celebration, and de-centering a default whiteness narrative around wellness & feminism.

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Winter 2021

It embraced a mission.

The generosity of the community enabled us to provide copies free of charge to nonprofits serving women and girls all over the U.S.

A Note to Teens...

Spring 2021

It's speaking to our times.

In this moment in history, we are thrilled that so many women, individually and in groups, are learning about & from stories of women who don't look like them. We have so much to celebrate!

Ally is a Verb


From Me to We to All

Brave Sis Project is rooted in sisterhood & justice, unlike many other products & experiences  in the wellness space which often end with the individual. Our Journey-Journal is a tool for you to customize & adapt to your goals, needs & desires, on a pathway to deeper understanding of self & community.

Giving Back, Changing Lives

Summer 2021

The Sophomore Effort!

Now, Brave Sis prepares to release the second edition of the Journey-Journal, with more of what you have come to love! Learn more and pre-order!

2022 Brave Sis Journey-Journal

Our sophomore effort! Ships Fall, 2021

Why do we need Brave Sis?

Brave Sis Project is an integrated space, fostering and welcoming the possibility of learning, building, and committing to a cross-racial solidarity and sxsterhood.

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What does Brave Sis do?

Through publications, events, & lifestyle brand assets, and community, Brave Sis Project uplifts impactful Black Women & other Women of Color in history, fostering awareness, creativity, & inclusive sisterhood (sxsterhood).

Is there a social mission?

Thanks to generous support, Brave Sis was able to provide copies of the 2021 Journey-Journal free of charge to groups serving women and girls across the country.

What's Coming Next?

Fall, 2021: 2022 Journey-Journal ships

2023: Workman Press Adult Activity Book

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The Journey-Journal Helping Change Lives

Giving back to the community is what Brave Sis is about. The Journey-Journal encourages us to find, reach, and celebrate our goals, and acquire joy & power! 


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Ways to Use the Journey-Journal

Brave Sis Journey-Journal is Your Book, for your Personal Journey... From the pragmatic to the personal to your own place in history!


Meet Ms. Brave Sis

Love Letters

You're giving us life!

Where has this been all my life?

Homemaker in Financial Management Class

Can I just say thank you- I looked at this Journal- and I am so excited!!! Where has this journal been all my life?!!?!?!  I am so excited!

I am Almost Moved to Tears

Sara, business owner

Every path you have created for us to map our personal cartography. I am in awe of every single prompt, every word of wisdom and encouragement, every Brave Sis story, every activity, celebration idea and tool for empowerment and creativity.

Mom is a Sculptor, And...

Holly, Artist

My mom is a sculptor, and I didn't know if she knew about Augusta Savage, and when I came across her in my journal, I shared her story with my mom. I was struck by how much her work resonated—beautiful! Just wanted to let you know Brave Sis is doing its work of spreading the magic!

Healing & Empowerment

MISSSEY, Inc. (Motivating, Inspiring, Supporting & Serving Sexually Exploited Youth)

Thank you for your contribution and partnership! your donation of 40 journals supports our work to facilitate the healing and empowerment of youth who are impacted by commercial sexual exploitation and sex trafficking. We're grateful for the love you've shared with us!

Willing White Womxn


I wholeheartedly agree with your vision of inclusive space & community. As a white womxn, I know that I'm not in charge of how worldchanging will come to be. Still, I am here, ready, open, and actively seeking community such as the one you describe. 

This Has Become My Favorite Journal

Planner Enthusiast

One of our favorite things is hearing from our community about other Brave Sisses we should know about! Drop us a line at hello@bravesis.com!

Seen & Heard