Media Coverage of the Launch

Media Coverage of the Launch

Such positive press coverage of the debut, 2021 edition of the Brave Sis Journey-Journal was very encouraging. 

Stationery Cafe Podcast - check out the last eight minutes for a review of Brave Sis. She was expecting to gift it but fell in love!!

Active Allyship Podcast - I opine on Obama, code-switching, and Brave Sis. A very vulnerable, intellectual, amazing interview with these amazing women!

48 Hills 2020 Gonzo Gift Guide <3

Slate Culture Gabfest: June Thomas, Senior Managing Editor, confesses her love for planning planning and her admiration for Brave Sis! Full transcript here.

Covey Club 2020 Shopping Guide: Thrilled to be in this great company of companies!

Grit & Grace Podcast: Check out minute 12 for a lovely spot on Brave Sis. But really, the whole episode is a great listen!

Medium Article: Go deep into the origin story with the creator of Brave Sis.

48 Hills: A great feature during our 2020 Kickstarter phase

Conscious Company/SOCAP Magazine: Back when we were a glimmer in our founder's eye!