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Our print and digital publications, merchandise, and history lessons uplift Black, Brown, Asian, and Indigenous foremothers of our past. Through our print and digital publications and #sistorylessons on Instagram, you will encounter and celebrate incredible Black, Brown, Asian, and Indigenous women who deserve our honor and respect. 

Our hope is that Brave Sis will help all us of celebrate our sisterhood, grow our self-care, and gather strength and inspiration from women—both household names and forgotten she-roes—who helped change the course of history.

The drawing above is a custom Brave Sis portrait of my mother and my grandmother, whose resilient lives helped formed the woman I am today.

Read the origin story of Brave Sis Project.

Rozella the Creator

I’m Rozella Kennedy, the creator of Brave Sis Project. I use story, art, learning, and celebration to build cultures and communities of inclusion, cooperation, dignity, joy, and wellbeing!

I created Brave Sis Project in late 2019 and love creating new journals, content, learning materials, events, and community.

I am also the Director of Impact & Equity for Camber Collective, a global social impact consultancy, where I have the great honor of leading the team’s Impact, Equity and Belonging work, building towards an internal culture where everyone feels seen, connected, supported, and galvanized! (This work itself has a lot of Brave Sis spirit in it!) I also lead our external practice of influencing the humanitarian, development, philanthropic, and social impact sectors with our values of true equity (based in principles of Liberatory Design). I am truly blessed that both sides of my life hold hands so beautifully!  

In past lives, I have been an executive in the cultural, environmental, and social service sectors. I started three nonprofits when I lived in Santa Fe, NM; I’ve run performing arts organizations, I was a fundraising professional for several years, and way back in the beginning, I worked in media, for NY1 News, and magazines ranging from Paris Passion to Sports IllustratedMothering, and I am also a published essayist, ghost writer, and copyeditor.

I grew up in New York City, which certainly influences my intercultural approach to life, and I also lived outside Boston for college, in Paris for several years, earning my master’s degree at the Sorbonne, 12 years in New Mexico, and a decade in the Bay Area. My daughters are GenZ powerhouses, living in New York City, and my husband is a celebrated composer and conductor in contemporary music and new opera. We live in the Pacific Northwest with our feisty, moody, beautiful Caribbean Potcake Dog, Pippa.

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Contact us at for information about book events for either the Journey-Journal, Our Brave Foremothers—or both!

Book signings and readings - can't you see how much I love signing books and meeting people? I will read from my book(s) and provide insights into any part of the Project that your group wants to discuss or explore

Brave Sis storytelling - can be part of the book signing or not. Participants will learn the story of 1-3 foremothers and enjoy a participatory experience with prompts to help relate her life to yours (in small or medium group)

These events work for all ages, cultures, genders, and maybe even cute, well-behaved dogs. :)


Brave Sis #SistorySchoolin provides training and learning sessions that touch upon "DEI"-matters, specifically, the intersection of my work in the equity and belonging space, my lived experience, and the Brave Sis ethos of history, celebration, and decentering of default (whiteness) narratives.

These are appropriate for groups and teams trying to incorporate more authentic inclusion and equity into their life and practice, presented in a welcoming, highly participatory, joyful, and supportive, calling-in format. Some of the topics we've explored include:

  • "Things to Say and Not ," a workshop on unintentional microaggressions ("why is it not good to call a BIPOC person 'articulate,'?" for example)

  • The Privilege Staircase, an exploration of 20 or more levers of privilege, from race to body type, to voter status. Guaranteed to open eyes and inspire deep conversation and connection.

"Explaining intersectionality in one hour in a way that it's understood by a wide audience and sticks with you for the rest of your life and makes you want to liberate and/or become an ally is a tour de force!"—G.B., Business Owner

  • The XYZ of DEI - from a 45-minute talk to a 3-day retreat experience, we look at 12-50 essential frameworks to help you better unpack race, equity, intersectionality, and more—all combined with co-creating, learning, journaling and inner work

Workshops and events can take place virtually and as health protocols permit, on-site.

If this is something you'd like to learn more about, reach out to