Meet Brave Foremothers

Excerpt from the Introduction:

Our Brave Foremothers presents one hundred women who changed the course of United States history. Some of their names will be familiar, but many might be new to you. Following each profile is a prompt encouraging you to relate the story of every foremother to your own. It is my hope that, in reading about these women, reflecting on their influence, and embracing the prompts, you will kindle some of your own fire, power, and promise. I hope you become inspired to learn more: about them, about yourself, and about other women who have great stories to tell, even if they don’t necessarily look like you. This is the book’s offering: to help us impact the world in positive ways, as our foremothers did before us…. This is not meant to be a history book, but our storybook, something that is alive and in which you can also discover some of your being and life story.

Meet ten of the 100 women featured in the book