Ways to Use the Journey-Journal

Ways to Use the Journey-Journal

Brave Sis Journey-Journal is Your Book, for your Personal Journey... From the pragmatic to the personal to your own place in history!

So let's break it down. What is this book? It's a lot of things. Some people have told us they've never seen anything like it before. And we like that idea a lot!

A journal is a magical tool for self-development. It’s a “daybook,” a place where you can keep track of practical things, of course, like your schedule or progress towards a goal or plan or dream. (Check out these suggestions. What else could you track?)

  • Attitude/gratitude/learnings
  • Birthdays and milestones
  • Books to read
  • Budget or spending tracker
  • Chore list :(
  • Class Schedule
  • Daily to do
  • Dream log
  • Exercise tracker
  • Habit tracker
  • Inspirational quotes or ideas
  • Makeup, beauty, or self-care ideas
  • Meal planning
  • Meeting schedule
  • Monthly goals
  • Movies to watch
  • Packing or planning lists 
  • Playlist builder
  • Recipe tracker
  • Shopping lists
  • Snack log
  • Study schedule
  • Things to learn about
  • Travel or other plans to look forward to
  • Wardrobe planner
  • Water tracker
  • Weather
  • Weight loss or fitness tracker
  • Word a Day
  • Writing or creative prompts
  • And...???

Your Place for You.

But the Journey-Journal is also a journal in the form of a “diary”: a place to keep track of your to-dos. You can map out your day each morning when you arise, or set it up for tomorrow each night before you go to sleep. What are your priorities and promises to yourself for the day?

Also importantly, what are your possibilities? What can you reach for, what can you dream? 

Taking this time to practice your own well-being and centering is a gentle reminder each day for you to keep yourself accountable to yourself, with love and joy. Invest in yourself, you deserve it!

As you go through each two-day spread, you will have the chance to contemplate what made you really happy and grateful, but also process whatever it was that ticked you off. Sometimes just writing it down makes a world of difference! 

Best of all, you can look back at your progress and moods over the year (and even, in the future, look back on what your life was like way back when!). This is a great way to measure your journey to deeper wellness and growth. 


With lots of white space and open-ended prompts, so you get to choose – You pace and note your own important dates and thoughts. 

And if you like to color and draw and decorate, this is a coloring book too! 

And it’s pretty! Have you ever looked at some planners and gotten really excited about the cover, and then opened it up to hear the sad trombone music? That’s so disappointing. 

You won’t have that experience with the Brave Sis Journey-Journal. We made sure it would reflect the beauty that we each carry within ourselves. So, unlike some planners, this book is colorful inside as well as out: organic and inviting and cozy and warm and delightful! The linen cover just feels good, and it’s the perfect size for cuddling up in cozy spaces and making yourself the Queen of Your Life! 

You Stand on the Shoulders of Giants.

We think what really sets Brave Sis apart is the Birthday Party

Every two weeks, we have included a beautiful, hand drawn spread highlighting Black Women and other Women of Color in history: Asian, Latina, Native American, and others, who were truly remarkable and inspiring. Some are familiar names and others will be wonderful discoveries.

These she-roes collectively uplift and celebrate all women, cheering us on and reminding us that no matter what we’re walking through and towards, we are not alone. We hope they make you proud of yourself!

From their inspiration, you will find your own. From their strength, you will build your power. And set yourself on your own path towards being a Brave Sis! 

Oh and last thing; this book centers Black women and other Women of Color, but white girls are absolutely welcome to experience Brave Sis (and even guys, if they’re into this kind of practice!) We believe the learning and self-work is useful to anyone, and the sense of discovery and celebration of these Foremothers may be exactly what the world needs now. 

We’re so excited to share this adventure with you.