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Love Letters from Excited Fans!

— Beautifully put together. Clearly a labor of love — Slate Culture Gabfest (click to hear full review!)

— My favorite part... all the ladies!! — teenage journaler

— My coworker gave me a journal as a gift. I thought it was so awesome that I had to buy one for my best friend. This gives me something to be excited about in 2021.

— I received my journal and it's amazing. Thank you again for letting my mother's legacy be part of a journey of empowerment for SO many — son of a featured Brave Sis

— I literally can't wait til January when I can start my journaling and planning adventure with this amazing book! It's so gorgeous! — college student

— It’s soooo gorgeous. I can tell everyday is going to be a treat just to curl up with this book and take stock of my day past and plan out my “priorities, possibilities, and promises” for the next! — grad student

— I’m not the journaling type, but I love this book for keeping track of my to-dos. It’s like reading about these women is gonna motivate me to follow through in my own daily and weekly tasks! — business owner

— My book group is going to use this together next year to talk about how we are learning and growing. Love it! — New York resident

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