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Brave Sis Project

Brave Sis Beloved Community Cohort - Summer 2024

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Next Cohort Will Launch in June! Write us at to be put on the information list

An online group experience of learning and sharing as we continue pushing beyond DEI, beyond diversity fatigue, beyond othering and distrust, to move more towards the Beloved Community

Is this you?

  • I’ve already done some learning about race, equity, and society but want to shift into action…
  • I want to be a real ally and not a performative one (this applies to both white women and Women of Color with each other)
  • I want to be in more a more trusting and joyful place with other women (across cultural divides)
  • I want to model these values and ways of living to other women I know
  • I want a safe space to explore my biases, anger, confusion, and other shadow attributes I know are important to confront in order to advance
  • I’d like to meet like-minded people in this work!

By popular demand, I'm combining my most-requested Brave Sis workshops into an eight-session cohort: Building a Beloved Community

Using the stories of BIPOC sheroes from my book “Our Brave Foremothers,” the Brave Sis Project #SistoryLessons, and many other sources, we will gain and grow an appreciation for cross-cultural relationships, co-creating community over eight weeks to expand our individual personal mindset and commitment.

Over eight Zoom sessions, we will:

  • Build trust, belonging, and personal growth
  • Acquire points of reference for further co-creating and shared learning
  • Gain sensitivity to micro-aggressions and ways to avoid them, as well as how to avoid slipping into defensiveness, deflection… or worse, destructive tears and useless shame
  • Channel anger, frustration, fear, and whatever else holds us back into the power to change some of our world
  • Explore more appropriate ways of showing appreciation, inviting curiosity and creating mutuality
  • Create a community of trusted sisters for further learning, resource-sharing, and support

Group size: 10-25. Preview the sessions here.

Dates and Details: all sessions are at 6-7:30 pm Pacific

Session 1 - What is Your Why? - Intros and review the interactive parts of a series of probing questions that will be sent to participants.

Session 2 - The Ten Cardinal Sins of Failed Allyship - The thesis of Brave Sis’s work! We will explore ten blind spots and societal “norms” that contribute to strained relationships, harm, microaggressions, and structural inequities.

Session 3 - Privilege Staircase - 20 typical types of privilege and how the way we view them has such an enormous impact on our selves, our interpersonal relationships, and how we build community.

Session 4 - Micro Aggression Movie - Reading from the “outtake version” of Our Brave Foremothers and using other sources, we will build awareness and correct blind spots, exploring two dozen+ phrases “not to say” and examine other ways to create closeness.

Session 5 - Check in and Catch Up - midway through, this session is to catch up if we are “behind” on the curriculum or will be open forum for discussing your and our reactions, discoveries, and questions.

Session 6 - Appropriation or Appreciation? - a bit of levity and learning in this “game show” where we investigate, how, and why people adopt cultural signifiers that do not belong to them. Is it ever OK to do so? What about when People of Color do it to each other?

Session 7 - Uncomfortable Truths, Anger, Emotions, and Rising Up - a safe space for honest discussion about the “problem” of default white feminism, as well as the scourge of structural racism and colonialism, and the ubiquity of explicit and implicit biases that simmer beneath the surface of our niceness.  This session will be one hour as you will be given a video to watch as optional homework!

Session 8 - A Beloved Community - what could it look like, and what attributes we want to start creating right now, in our own spaces?

Contact us regarding $500 sliding scale fee for participants without professional development stipend sponsorship (i.e.: paying out of pocket) -

Cohort agreement here (will be emailed to you upon receipt of your enrollment!)