The Brave Sis Perpetual Journal

I am so excited to provide a sneak peek to the new Brave Sis Day Planner+Journal. The big news: it is perpetual!

Now you can start your journaling experience any time you want!

No more, shoot, it's March and I've already missed part of the year!

Over sixty weeks (yup, a year and a bit more), with featured profiles of 16 favorite foremothers and dozens of quotes from Black, Brown, Asian, and Indigenous sheroes, the new Perpetual Journal is 220+ pages of gorgeousness and inspiration!

I came across this amazing math phenomenon; across these five rows and thirteen columns, no matter where you draw a seven (day) by five (week) box, you will have the actual days of the month. 

I loved working with a foundry to create a customized Brave Sis "Be Brave Forever" bookmark (Monday-Sunday). 

The bookmark attaches to the top of the page, allowing you to draw in the "month" you are in, and circle it at the top of the page as well. Like this:

OK, now that I've explained the magical math, what about the journal itself?

Gorgeous and colorful inside and out, as you've come to expect. Check out this video sneak peek!

Pre-orders open in July, 2023 here at our website!

With your pre-order, you'll be eligible for discount pricing and will be among the first to receive your journal! 
  • All pre-orders are $30 per book and include the free bookmark ($8 value)
  • MSRP is $34.99 with an additional $4 for the bookmark ($38.99 value) so this is a nice price (!)
  • (Replacement bookmarks will be priced at $8 each)

Bulk pre-order incentives!

Your support at this stage literally enables the production of new journal, so as my thanks, enjoy the following perks with your order:

  • Buy 12 journals ($360) – free t-shirt or tote (we will arrange your choice and style)
  • Buy 20 journals ($600) – free t-shirt AND tote (same as above)
  • Buy 50 journals ($1500) – free t-shirt, tote, and a customized Brave Sis 45-minute (virtual) workshop

Oh, and yes, in the fall, there will be a special bundle experience for those who purchase Our Brave Foremothers, with a discount code for the Perpetual Journal or a Brave Sis spiral dotted notebook. Stay tuned!