2023 Brave Sis Journey Journal

The third edition of the world's ONLY dayplanner+guided journal featuring Black, Brown, Asian, and Indigenous Women in U.S. History. Ships fall, 2022.

The 2023 edition of our beloved Journey-Journal explodes with color, from the beautiful colorful cover to 224 pages chock filled with tributes to new women, new prompts—and the same quality paper and glorious loving care you've come to know from years one and two!

Spend the year with the Brave Sis foremothers and go on a journey through history and to yourself.

It’s a delight to present the third edition of the Brave Sis Journey-Journal to you. For those who have been with us since our first Kickstarter in 2020, you’ll see some changes. We’ve added color bursts in a big way and removed the coloring pages and daily birthday messages—giving you more unencumbered space for your thoughts, dreams, to-dos and to don’ts. We changed up the fonts and created new, vibrant portraits of this year’s foremothers that celebrate them with flair! This includes a bolder new cover design, to give more people a sense of who and what the Brave Sis Project is. We hope you like this new look; part of the fun for me in creating it is trying new sensations each year. 

Much remains the same: prompts and encouragements throughout, the two-page monthly spread, the "Prime Areas of Focus this Month” goal/priority planning page, with its sidebar “Ways to Get There” checklist… and of course, the birthday parties—arranged by theme this year; not by birthdate. 

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The Brave Sis Journey-Journals change lives!   

  • Can I just say thank you- I looked at this Journal- and I am so excited!!
  • Where has this journal been all my life?!!?!?!  I am so excited for this event! I look forward to more!
  • I picked up my journal today!! What a treat! LOVED the journal! It is absolutely one of the most beautiful journals I’ve ever laid my eyes on. When I opened the bag I was like, “ohhhhhhhh!” Can’t wait for the class!!!
  • This afternoon I picked up the journal and materials, and, I just want to say, the journal is marvelous. I love It! It is has everything. 
  • I am excited to have this outlet and a place to guide me this year.
  • OMG! Is this journal AMAZING!!! It’s so beautiful—thank you!!!