10 Copy Bundle: 2021 Brave Sis Journey Journal (Bulk Rate)

10 Copy Bundle: 2021 Brave Sis Journey Journal (Bulk Rate)

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Part planner, part history book, part journal, and also part coloring book, the 2021 Brave Sis Journey-Journal highlights Black and other American Women of Color in history, notably the lesser-known she-roes, whose stories will energize and inspire users of all ages. It’s really like nothing you’ve ever seen!

Centering Black and other Women of Color but welcoming all, this is a lovingly created, colorful, and inspirational planner/journal with quotes, prompts, coloring pages, and commemorations to get womxn across cultures in a reflective, energized, and creative mood month after month through the year to come. There are portraits and prompts featuring 80 Black, Latinx, Native and Indigenous, and Asian-American foremothers—it’s an incredible labor of love!

You'll love the Brave Sis Birthday Party. Every two weeks, a set of biographical and illustrated portraits of amazing (and many, little-known) Women of Color throughout history, delightfully hand-rendered with care and reverence. 

After reading about the Brave Sis Foremothers, there is a prompt to encourage you to think about what element of their life you can incorporate into your story—and space for personal, meditative reflection about what you would ask them (were you able to time travel), and more importantly, what they would tell you. It's a fun and purposeful way to build a practice of reflection, self-care, and growth, all from the comfort of your own space.

This is a great sisterhood tool to start off the new year than with a personal practice of wellness and uplift (or simply a nicer place for keeping your to-do lists organized!) Read more about the Journey-Journal here