Plan and Note Your Promises, Priorities & Possibilities

With encouraging quotes, inspiring notes, provocative prompts, the Journey-Journal help you build and sustain self-accountability.

Unlike many products in the space, with lavish colors and generic innards, it is artful, with beautiful hand drawing and pops of color throughout to elevate the experience. 

What sets the Journey-Journal apart from other products is the incorporation of history. 

The Brave Sis Birthday Party features short bios of remarkable yet often little-known Women of Color (Black, Latina, Asian American, Native American, and others) in history. 

In reading the Brave Sis Birthday Parties, you will discover what lessons in bravery, boldness, beauty these foremothers inspire today.

Through imagined dialogues with them, you will be inspired to embrace what history and legacy mean for you and all of us in these times.

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