A message & a movement of wellness & intercultural sisterhood

Brave Sis Project centers Black Women and other Women of Color in History, but welcomes all women into a circle of learning, creativity, celebration, and growth. The key product is the 2021 Journey-Journal: a planner and diary with encouraging quotes, inspiring notes, provocative prompts to set you on your year of wellness & celebration.

To uplift stories of feminism and bravery that inspire us today, there are profiles of remarkable yet often little-known Women of Color (Black, Latina, Asian American, Native American, and others) in history. You'll be invited to reflect upon the lessons in bravery, boldness, beauty these foremothers inspire for you today.

Through imagined dialogues with them, you will feel more empowered to embrace what history and legacy mean for you and all of us in these times.

Social media and lifestyle/brand assets will reinforce your commitment to being a better self, friend, woman, ally, and human being. Welcome to Brave Sis Project! This is a Black, Woman-owned business.