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The world's ONLY dayplanner+guided journal featuring Women of Color in U.S. History. A unique gift for you and those you love!

The 2022 Brave Sis Journey-Journal is MORE of what you love! 

More women! More stories! More color! More open space! More pages! 360+, to be precise. Two days per page, 
... with plenty of space for you to note your thoughts, goals, plans, to-dos, gripes, appreciations, and story. 
And still lots of space for your reflection and growth!
Every two weeks, the Brave Sis Celebration will highlight incredible Women of Color in history whose stories will inspire you. 
New for 2022! Every day of the week will contain a birthday shout-out, appreciation, or quote about or by a fascinating and inspiring Black woman or other Woman of Color in U.S. history. Some are household names, and others are lesser-known she-roes! 
Spend the year of 2022 with the only day-planner + guided journal + history book + coloring book made to celebrate Women of Color yet welcome all! 

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