Interview on the “Making Her Way” Podcast!

You Deserve Beauty

You should not have to judge a book by its cover. 

Have you ever experienced looking at a planner or journal online and being thrilled by its promise, only to open it up and find it entirely boring, dull, and generic inside? What a let down. You won't have that experience with the Brave Sis Journey-Journal.

This is not a generic planner, with a lavish cover and then predictable, repetitive, gray-scaled pages inside. Color and story are interspersed throughout the book, and surprises pop up unexpectedly, to delight and inspire. 

The color tone is earthy and natural, evoking the kaleidoscope of human hues, as well as a tribute to Earth, organics, and nature. 

The pages have the touch of the hand that designed them as opposed to a machine. Finally, each set of Birthday portraits is hand-rendered with care and reverence. 

Much work and deliberate effort has been put into making this a beautiful art book, where the user can put themselves in the center of the display. You deserve no less!