‘Why do you need a journal if you never leave the house?’

This is a totally legitimate question. As we have been sheltering in place and weathering the anxiety and for too many of us, grief, mourning, uncertainty, and anger that make up this every-day-is-the same-day routine of our pandemic crisis lives, we have been wondering how and when to officially launch Brave Sis Project.

But what if we never have to/get to leave the house? Not knowing how long the lockdowns will need to last, or even how we will feel about going out into the world again (or for many, no longer having an outside job or place to go to) or however our situation may be changing, it may indeed feel silly to focus on the “planner” part. Even a 2021 Planner Without the Pressure. Isn’t it like wearing makeup or upgrading from sweatpants: a quaint vestige of a bygone age?

The quick answer is: not really. One of the strange paradoxes of these days at home is how little time many of us end up having for the things we want or need to do each day. Whether it’s because the lack of a hard, visible presence makes it easy to lie in bed an hour (or more!) longer, or that the absence of structure from hour to hour makes it all a loose blur of moments melting by like some kind of Surrealist painting, it’s certain that this new existence we find ourselves in can usurp a sense of structure. 

This is awesome if we are on a meditation or prayer retreat—not so super-handy for staying focused and sane and healthy right now.

How to get back on track? Productivity tools are maybe even more important than ever in a time like this. We wish we had the 2021 Journey-Journal ready for you already! But until then, list-making is a tried-and-true way to get through. Whether you do bullet lists, checkboxes, or something else, the pleasure of crossing out or checking off a list is one that you should dive into fully! There’s so little we can control these days, so this is a good way to feel a little bit more grounded.

Having a beautiful and open-format space to do so (like the Journey-Journal) is a pleasurable way to organize your thoughts and activities, whether they are all home-based or not.

From our founder:

The photo above is literally the hodgepodge of how I am keeping track of all the things I have to do. Folks, this is pathetic. I’m even using an old planner book from another company and crossing out the days. Actually, I possess the 2021 Journey-Journal prototypes and am seriously considering crossing out the dates and using them now as my planner.

Indeed, we have to hope that the valiant scientists working hard on mitigations (as well as the Holy Grail of a cure) will succeed in freeing us to resume life outside of our quarantine spaces) but in the meantime, this could be a great moment to begin or resume a discipline or wellness practice of list-making and reorganizing your blurry days. Don’t do like I’m doing (actually, this was a transitional week; I’m getting more focused and disciplined again myself)!

Don’t resort to random sticky notes and scraps of paper (like this) unless you want to waste time tracking down stray thoughts, and feeling confused! Start with any pretty book, knowing something really beautiful and purposeful is coming your way in just a few months. The way things are going, our June launch, October-ish delivery, and the new day of January 1, 2021 may all just slide into each other without our even noticing.

In the meantime, you can still journal using the Brave Weeks Together digital journal! Have you gotten your free copy? How’s it going?