Interview on the “Making Her Way” Podcast!

Why an actual, paper book?

But I have a Smartphone

This "planner without the pressure" is a conjuring and celebration of brave and inspiring Women of Color through history. It's a place to discover, explore, and expand our shared magnificence. It's a way to be a little more of your own best friend.

It's a way to Write and Love Yourself into History. And scribble, and tape stuff into, and cross stuff out of, and color and draw, and dawdle and dream.

We hope that is enough explanation of Why A Book. Everyone uses apps on their phone and computer to manage daily meetings and appointments, the "outside world" stuff. But apps can't do everything; the physicality of writing and drawing, the value of looking both back and forward over time, the joy of bringing color into your life, the playful creativity of doodling, the fun of sticky-noting and coloring, and above all, the practice of making yourself your priority for even five or ten minutes a day is something we all deserve

Two decades into extreme digitality, there is something ritually significant and pleasurable in the act of analog correspondence. It's healing and fun to Journey and Journal. 

What do you find helpful about "writing it down"?