Centering Women of Color, Welcoming All!

This book is for anyone!

There are so many wonderful women who are not women of color, but who truly, sincerely, authentically care. Theirs is not a tokenistic, objectifying curiosity. They are as outraged and frightened by our legacy of institutional racism and discrimination as we Women of Color are harmed by these. 

As they have come to "get" intersectionality, awareness has grown that sometimes their role, as white women, is to listen. 

Brave Sis is for them as well, for in entering into this space, they can take in a history likely to be new to them, yet explore and ponder topics that are of relative universality. Plus, the histories are so cool, they will be honored to stand in unity with their sisters of Color. 

And we Women of Color will learn important stories about other WoC in different cultures—so much winning!

A Broader Prism of Inclusivity

Brave Sis Project also invites us to consider how generic "centering" can also exclude people based on age, or ability, or body type or size, or sexual orientation, or gender identity, or income, or zip code.

We really wanted to cast a prism on how we can leave our own assumptions at the door when thinking who gets to use a "planner that is not a planner" when it focuses on the stories of Women of Color.

Many of us are unhappy and anxious about society's shift towards selfishness and cynicism, and we are energized to step into more power and influence to save this planet and the communities of folk who inhabit it. 

And so, may Brave Sis Project be a collective contribution to a more peaceful and progressive world. Welcome to Brave Sis Nation, and Brave Sis World!