When Harriet Met Sojourner: Being Brave During a Pandemic

Oh, Lord! You've been wid me in six troubles, don't desert me in the seventh! Harriet Tubman

We have been hesitant to provide Project updates, because these are dark and terrible days of loss for so many, and in general, everyone's inboxes are full with messages and offers. 

But, the purpose of this Project is to help us all gain wisdom and strength from the foremothers—and this week we got the final drawings for the Journey-Journal. 

So it seemed like a good time to bring two iconic Brave Sisses together in an imagined moment of guidance and support for all of us. 

Life is a hard battle anyway. If we laugh and sing a little as we fight the good fight of freedom, it makes it all go easier. I will not allow my life's light to be determined by the darkness around me. — Sojourner Truth

As the Founder of Brave Sis Project, I will speak to you personally for a minute. 

Whether you've been impacted by job loss or reduction, death of a loved one, anxiety about your own vulnerability, despair about the racial and economic disparities in health outcomes, outrage about the unfairness, greed, and disdain that are exemplified by certain people who call themselves leaders, or simply going stir-crazy staying in your house all the time—I am with you, because I am going through all of these things too.

What I want to offer to you is a commitment to continue working on Brave Sis Project: as a refuge, as a focus, as an offering, as a prayer for a better day to come. And as solace for the pain and sorrow that have become part of the lives of so many of us right now. Thank you for allowing me, us, and it into your life.

And right now, we have created a free resource to help keep you grounded in these anxious times. We invite you to gather your thoughts around five simple prompts:

What do/will/did you do to:

  1. Celebrate
  2. Give thanks for, and
  3. Reflect upon today? and how do/will/did you:
  4. Move your body, and
  5. Nurture your body and spirit?

    Every day, for three months. If the pandemic crisis continues beyond June, we will issue another free streamlined journal.

    We send consoling, nurturing thoughts to you and everyone you love, and thanks to the foremothers who continue to guide us today and all days.

    Click here to get your copy!

    How is the digital journal helping you now?