Welcome Message for Brave Sis Buyers!

The Spirit of Sojourner. The Heroism of Harriet. And Your Story Too.

Care. Your Journey-Journal’s cover is linen, which is not stain-proof, so take care. If you want to decorate your cover, gel pens are great. We’d love to see your designs! (See Connect, below).

Color. Inside pages are waiting for your color splash! This blog page describes the best (and worst!) pens or pencils to use. Our fave is the Brave Sis colored pencils, but check out the blog and test your pens on the intro pages once you’ve read those!

Comment. This is a me-made book. Every effort has been made to verify and copyedit the material. If you know or see something we didn’t catch, let us know (See Connect, below) and thank you in advance!

Connect. My hope is that Brave Sis is more than this Journey-Journal, but a movement. Share your creations, whether it’s a beautiful page spread, a life hack, a poem, or the recipe for a tribute meal! Tag us and join us on social: - - - - or by email...

Contact. If you know others who will love this, let them know! This website has much more blog content, cool swag, and our free digital pop-up journal—with much more to come. Reach out at

Thank you for supporting this Black woman-owned venture! That’s me. It’s been an honor and privilege to bring this to you! 

-Rozella Kennedy