Nine Weeks til 2021!

It is Halloween as I write, and my thoughts are not on Trick or Treaters (in our own horror show year of 2020, there won't be any kids knocking on the door) nor is it on the electoral events taking place in three days ... rather it is on the fact that we are nine weeks away from the start of our Journey-Journal voyage!

This means that for all the folks who backed the Brave Sis Journey-Journal on Kickstarter, your books will be arriving in a matter of days if they have not already arrived.

Here are NINE things you can do to prepare for a year of Brave Sis Journey-Journaling:

1) Decorate the cover.  

2) Decorate your birthday page

3) Tell ten friends about the Journey-Journal (This one is really important as pandemic-time marketing is tough and word-of-mouth is always the best way anyhow!)

4) Read Brave Sis Fix: Life Hacks in Neon on instagram 

5) Order more copies as holiday presents for your friends, colleagues, etc.

6) Bling out some other pages, spreads, etc. Send us photos!!!! 

7) Buy some Brave Sis swag (also a fine holiday gift, and it's starting to get chilly!)

8) Send someone the free digital posters as a way to set their 2021 intentionality and self-love!

9) If you read this far, here's a little present to take your mind off our national anxiety: a playlist of 2 1/2 hours of Brave Sis-inspired music!