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"Generic" does not always mean "white"

"Generic" Does Not Always Mean "White"

If a healing space is branded with images of lithe, blonde women in sustainable bamboo yoga pants, there are a lot of us who are going to have to hold our nose, hold our breath, or even look over our shoulder as we enter. 

This is not necessarily through malice. As we have come to learn, the generic depiction of "a person" is generally male, and typically white. Anything else is "niche."

There is no finger-pointing blame, but now that we are more aware of this in society, it creates an opportunity to rethink identity and welcome and actually create spaces that work for, and celebrate, more of us, in unity.  

Women of Color have grown weary of always having to asterisk ourselves into the story. So, we guess we started making Brave Sis for ourselves. 

At the same time, we welcome white women to this space who are interested in more authentic relationships and willing to learn about and from the foremothers of color who have so much wisdom and inspiration for us all.

How do you feel when "generic" images are "by default" rarely Women of Color? How do you feel when images of "Women of Color" seem stereotyped? Had you noticed?