Coloring Book Chronicles!

We've tried out the best tools for coloring your Brave Sis Birthday party pages, and our experiments have yielded the following!

Watercolor Pens: They are so great, they blend with water and are just gorgeous... such a great idea, but a hard no! They only work with watercolor paper. 

Otherwise this is what happens...

Flair markers Pens: Wonderful for vivid colors (such as details and background), and are not likely to leak through (so they say on the package... just be reasonable). These have been our favorite markers since way back in the day. #nostalgia

Brave Sis Colored Pencils: great for subtle coverage, such as the faces of the women, and for blending. Do note, the coverage is light, so it's nice to combine with a darker pen for contrast (face vs. clothing, for example). We like pressing lightly in a circular motion. 

Crayons: sure thing! But it's not easy to get small corners, as we remember from kindergarten, perhaps...

Highlighter pens: use wisely. Do not blend well for coloring pages but perfect for weekly spreads!

Pastel pencils: these tend to press against the other pages if a book is closed. Same for oil crayons.

Gel pens: fantastic for everything except faces. These are our favorite.

They’re also great for blinging out the outside cover (work-in-progress).

Copic Pens (alcohol markers) these are too pigment-rich for our paper.

Stickers and washi tape: if that's your thing, have at it! There are tons of awesome merchants on Etsy where you can find fun stickers. (By the way the Journey-Journals are also available on Etsy; tell a friend!)

Here’s a sample of pencil and gel pen (and blue highlighter on the central book, which we don’t recommend!) 
We'd really love to see your designs in the new year! Share on Instagram (#bravesisproject) or Pinterest!
Note: the links to purchase non-Brave Sis pens are affiliate options, for which we receive a very small commission.