Brave Sis Giving Back

What is Given, is Shared.

Due to generous support from some of our 2020 Kickstarter funders, Brave Sis was able to provide copies of the 2021 Journey-Journal free of charge to groups serving women and girls across the country.

For me, as a creator, this idea of giving back to the community is exactly what Brave Sis is about. I could not be happier or more honored to be putting this out in the world.

Boxes of books have been donated to:

  • an Arizona group for women returning from incarceration
  • MISSSEY, an Oakland group working with girls escaping sex trafficking 
  • A church group working with low-income women in Brooklyn
  • Higher Heights for America, national women’s political action group, as part of their Inauguration Summit celebration
  • a Vermont women’s leadership group
  • a Honolulu-based group for Blacks in Hawai’i
  • a Maryland group for Black women’s mental health and wellness
  • San Francisco School of the Arts student group
  • Austin, Texas Little BIPOC Library
  • a women’s entrepreneurial circle in NY metro area...

  • and 12 other women-and girl-serving groups across the country

    If you are a nonprofit organization or charitable, or volunteer cause working with women and girls, and you would like a box of 20 books for just the cost of shipping, contact us!

    Thank you to all who support this venture!

    Rozella Kennedy, Founder/Owner of Brave Sis Project