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On Colorism, Or: I Simply Wanted to Refresh Our Website
New Website, Who Dis? As Brave Sis Project moves into its third year (!!), I determined it was time to update and refresh our website. I began look...
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Our Story
A Visitation    In 2019, I wished to commit to deeper self-accountability & better organization. The planners on the market were problematic! T...
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Podcast: How I Made Brave Sis
So thrilled to have been on this podcast with Sarah Lidwell-Durnin—whose class last year really helped me figure out how to build a planner business! 
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Giving Back and Changing Lives!

I was absolutely thrilled to receive this message from an amazing group in Iowa working with low- and moderate-income women.

Please enjoy the positive feedback as well as the gorgeous utilization of the journal. It is a tool to encourage each of us to find, reach, and celebrate our goals, and acquire a higher level of joy and celebration... in the Brave Sis foremothers, and in ourselves! 

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For an Inclusive Sxsterhood
This is an evolving topic, and the more I read and think, the more it evolves. But March 2021 is Women's / Womxn's History Month, and it seems a good time to re-center Brave Sis's position about Black, Brown, and White women coming together in what we're calling Inclusive Sxsterhood
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Rozella Kennedy, Founder of Brave Sis Project
About the Founder and Owner of Brave Sis Project.
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In the Media
Check out some of the press coverage of the 2021 Brave Sis Journey-Journal.   Stationery Cafe Podcast - check out the last eight minutes for a rev...
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Ways to Use the Journey-Journal
Words of encouragement and inspiration for young women — Brave Sis Journey-Journal is Your Book, for your Personal Journey... From the pragmatic to the personal to your own place in history!
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