About Brave Sis Project

  • Brave Sis Spotify Playlist

    These are some of our favorite songs by Brave Sisses in all genres! We recommend playing in shuffle mode, or in alpha order, for surprise after sur...
  • Coloring Book Chronicles!

    We've tried out the best tools for coloring your Brave Sis Birthday party pages, and our experiments have yielded the following! Watercolor Pe...
  • Enjoy the 2021 Brave Sis Posters!

    The countdown to the 2021 Journey-Journal begins! Here are the inspiring headers to each month in the planner. If you want to share a digital uplif...
  • The What, the Why, the Who of the Journey-Journal

    Brave Sis Journey-Journal — a planner, journal, a history book, coloring book (!), and more, centering Women of Color but welcoming all.

  • The Story of Brave

    One afternoon, during a simple little five-minute phone-app meditation, a tiny voice in my head rasped: Be BraveYou're in deep, just walk through it, brave step by brave step, like a hero.

  • ‘Why do you need a journal if you never leave the house?’

    Having a beautiful and open-format space to do so (like the Journey-Journal) is a pleasurable way to organize your thoughts and activities, whether they are all home-based or not.
  • "Generic" does not always mean "white"

    Women of Color have grown weary of always having to asterisk ourselves into the story. So, we guess we started making Brave Sis for ourselves. But at the same time, the space welcomes white women who are willing to learn about and from the foremothers of color who have so much wisdom and inspiration for us all.
  • When Harriet Met Sojourner: Being Brave During a Pandemic

    We offer a free resource to ground you in these anxious times, inviting you to gather your thoughts around five simple prompts:
  • Listen to You

    A note from our founder: One thing about growing up with strong matriarchal ties: you develop a practice of doing what you are told. My earliest ...
  • You Deserve Beauty

    You should not have to judge a book by its cover.  Have you ever experienced looking at a planner or journal online and being thrilled by its prom...
  • Centering Women of Color, Welcoming All!

    May Brave Sis Project be a collective contribution to a more peaceful and progressive world. Welcome to Brave Sis Nation, and Brave Sis World!
  • Why an actual, paper book?

    Two decades into extreme digitality, there is something ritually significant and pleasurable in the act of analog correspondence.