About Brave Sis Project

  • A Note to Young Ladies, and Anyone Else

    Words of encouragement and inspiration for young women — Brave Sis Journey-Journal is Your Book, for your Personal Journey... From the pragmatic to the personal to your own place in history!
  • Be Brave, Sis: How Seeing and Trusting Black Women Makes All Women Stronger - Nov 17, 2020 - FREE EVENT

    Are you a woman who could benefit from a healing, restorative interracial sisterhood dialogue centered in justice and love? Join us! Wo...
  • Nine Weeks til 2021!

    It is Halloween as I write, and my thoughts are not on Trick or Treaters (in our own horror show year of 2020, there won't be any kids knocking on...
  • Brave Sis Spotify Party!

    We think a party is the right thing for right about now, and especially one that uplifts the spirit of Brave Sis. Enjoy 2 1/2 hours of musical blis...
  • Welcome Message for Brave Sis Buyers!

    The Spirit of Sojourner. The Heroism of Harriet. And Your Story Too. Care. Your Journey-Journal’s cover is linen, which is not stain-proof, s...
  • Meet Our Project Founder

    Rozella Kennedy is an experienced & inspired leader & innovator, who brings an entrepreneurial/intrapreneurial mindset to engagement, c...
  • Coloring Book Chronicles!

    We've tried out the best tools for coloring your Brave Sis Birthday party pages, and our experiments have yielded the following! Watercolor Pe...
  • Enjoy the 2021 Brave Sis Posters!

    The countdown to the 2021 Journey-Journal begins! Here are the inspiring headers to each month in the planner. If you want to share a digital uplif...
  • The What, the Why, the Who of the Journey-Journal

    Brave Sis Journey-Journal — a planner, journal, a history book, coloring book (!), and more, centering Women of Color but welcoming all.

  • The Story of Brave

    One afternoon, during a simple little five-minute phone-app meditation, a tiny voice in my head rasped: Be BraveYou're in deep, just walk through it, brave step by brave step, like a hero.

  • ‘Why do you need a journal if you never leave the house?’

    Having a beautiful and open-format space to do so (like the Journey-Journal) is a pleasurable way to organize your thoughts and activities, whether they are all home-based or not.
  • "Generic" does not always mean "white"

    Women of Color have grown weary of always having to asterisk ourselves into the story. So, we guess we started making Brave Sis for ourselves. But at the same time, the space welcomes white women who are willing to learn about and from the foremothers of color who have so much wisdom and inspiration for us all.