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Recognizing a Brave Trans Sis on March 31

Recognizing a Brave Trans Sis on March 31

Mar 31, 2020

Rozella Kennedy

March 31 is international Trans Day of Remembrance.

Sylvia Ray Rivera (July 2, 1951 – February 19, 2002) was a Latina gay and transgender rights activist. Orphaned in New York City at age three, she was shunned by her grandparents for her effeminate ways (as the young boy named Ray) and found herself out on the streets at age 11, forced to work as a child prostitute, and "adopted" by the drag queens.

Over the course of her life, she became one of the leading activists for trans rights in New York in the early 1970s, famously saying " I'm tired of living with labels. I just want to be who I am."

On March 31, International Trans Day of Remembrance, Brave Sis Project salutes Sylvia, who proved that #BraveryCanBeBoundless.