Meet Brave Sisses

  • Happy Birthday, Fannie Lou Hamer!

    Fannie Lou Hamer (née Townsend, born on October 6, 1917) is one of the most important activists of the Civil Rights Movement.
  • Happy Birthday Mary Church Terrell!

    The telling 1940 autobiography A Colored Woman in a White World recounts the remarkable life of Mary Church Terrell, one of the first Black America...
  • Celebrate Hawai'i's Last Queen

    The last sovereign monarch of Hawaii was Lili’uokalani (born September 2, 1838). She was a composer, an author, and the only Queen Regnant (woman ruling as a “king” and not just a spouse). Learn more about her valiant effort to defend her people's sovereignty.

  • Celebrating Sono Osato and Luisa Moreno!

    As August draws to a close, we want to acknowledge two Brave Sis Birthdays!

    Dancer Sono Osato, born August 29. 1919, and labor rights activist Luisa Moreno, born on August 30, 1907.


  • Celebrate the first Asian-American WASP! Hazel Ying Lee

    Despite being born and raised in a time where Chinese immigration was banned in the U.S., and families like hers were subject to horrific discrimin...
  • Other Brave Sisses We Love Love Love!

    Meet five Brave Sisses we did not include in the Journey-Journal: Marian Anderson, Rosa Parks, Toni Morrison, and others!
  • Mary Ellen Pleasant - California's First Black Woman Millionaire

    California's first Black woman millionaire, Mary Ellen Pleasant was born a slave on August 19 (1812 or 1814). Bought and freed by abolitionists, she grew up as a bonded servant, passing as white. Her first husband, a merchant, also passed as white. They were “slave stealers” on the Underground Railroad, and when she fled to San Francisco, she'd become known as "The Harriet Tubman of California."
  • Happy Birthday, Billie Holiday! - April 4, 1915

    If the name Eleanora Fagan does not ring a bell, perhaps you are more familiar with her stage name, Billie Holiday, who came to our Earth on April...
  • Happy Birthday, Maya Angelou - April 4, 1928

    Marguerite Annie Johnson; April 4, 1928 is known to us today as Maya Angelou, a great poet, autobiographer, memoirist, and civil rights activist, s...
  • Recognizing a Brave Trans Sis on March 31

    March 31 is international Trans Day of Remembrance. Sylvia Ray Rivera (July 2, 1951 – February 19, 2002) was a Latina gay and transgender rights ...
  • Happy Birthday Sarah Vaughan - March 27

    Some Brave Sis foremothers are not included in the Journey-Journal, but there are many we like to pay tribute to all the same. Let's celebrate Sara...